Week 1- Different Purpose/Different Writing

It was said by Aesop that “Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either”. It is becoming more and more common in the media for there to always be two sides to every story told. A clear example of this is by looking at the statement of Racing Queensland unveiling league legend Billy Slater as their official ambassador. This one statement had two very different sides of the story released by The Queensland Government and the Gold Coast Bulletin.

The Queensland Governments article reads as both very professional and informative. There were multiple quotes and statements included throughout the article from both Billy Slater and other supporting officials. The Queensland Government needs to appeal to a larger more broad audience resulting in more facts and statements being included, and a more formal informative approach used.

The Gold Coast Bulletin’s aim when writing articles is to target their target audience resulting in a more casual report that only contains information that the viewers would want to read.  There were only a few quotes from Billy Slater that were included in the news article in comparison to the Queensland Governments.

There are two different sides to this one story as The Queensland Government and The Gold Coast Bulletin both have different viewers and target audiences. The information included in both articles was both correct and on par with each other. The main difference between these two articles was the way the message was written and the language used.